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Our Growers

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Nutrition News
Canned Is As Good As Fresh!

A new study from the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University reports canned peaches have the same nutrition as fresh.

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Our Favourite Food Bloggers
Sunny Peach Salad Woman in Real Life
Woman in Real Life: Sunny Peach Salad with California Cling Peaches

Joann managed to capture the sunshine of summer in this fantastic salad. Next time you […]

Cooking With Susie

Even though we’ve evolved from recipes written on index cards to the Food Network and Pinterest, the Susie in all of us knows that simple, flavourful ingredients, such as canned peaches, are essential for today’s busy cook.

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Peach Bites!
Got Peaches? – Top 10 Reasons to Stock Your Pantry Now

Whether you are talking to moms, dietitians, or researchers from the renown Oregon State University (OSU), the consensus is in: California Cling Peaches—the ones you find packed in cans or grab-and-go fruit cups—are one delicious and nutritious snack…

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Digital Cookbook

Download our NEW Pantry-Staple Cookbook

Keeping a well-stocked pantry is the first step to healthy and delicious meals. Make your favourite recipes year-round thanks to canned fruits and vegetables. Download our complimentary digital cookbook today!

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