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Press Releases

July 2016: The Peachiest Food Blogger Conference Yet — California Cling Peach Board Sponsors the 2016 International Food Blogger Conference

July 2016: California Cling Peach Board Chairman, Sarbjit “Sarb” Johl is Awarded 2016 Agriculturalist of the Year

March 2015: Got Peaches? Top Ten Reasons to Stock Your Pantry Now

October 2014: A New Study by Harvard University’s School of Public Health Brings Good News to October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month

August 2014: A New Study by Harvard University’s School of Public Health Adds Science to Summer’s National “Eat a Peach Day”

May 2013: Turning The-peach Can On Its Head Oregon State University Study Concludes California Cling Peaches Are Nutritionally On Par With Fresh

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