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Jay Fiorini


Jay Fiorini comes from a long family line of farmers. His great-grandfather founded Fiorini Ranch in 1909 in the Atwater and Delhi areas of California. Over a century later, 31-year-old Jay farms the same land with his Dad, Randy Fiorini and sister, Stacy Parker. They have over 90 acres (36 hectares) of peaches – including the clingstone varieties of Ross and Starn, and freestone varieties, including Angelus, August Lady and Fairtime. In addition to peaches, the family also grows almonds, wine grapes and walnuts.

Jay says he always knew he wanted to join the family business. “I have always enjoyed the quality of life on a farm. I enjoy the variety of work and the seasonal changes.” Jay explains. After graduating from Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo with a B.S. in Fruit Science, Jay moved back up to the Central Valley to begin work on the family farm.

As specialty crop growers, California peach growers contribute to the variety of healthy food options available to the consumer. Jay explains, “We are passionate about growing the highest quality of fruit. We put much effort into caring for the fruit you find inside the can!”

He believes his role as a California farmer is not only to provide the highest quality product, but also to be a true steward of the land. “We take very seriously the responsibility to care for the land we’ve been blessed with. As farmers, our livelihood depends on the careful use of the land. It is very important to us that we farm in a way that will allow future generations to continue providing good yields of quality produce,” Jay describes.

What does Jay want you to know as a school foodservice professional and consumer? “Thank you for the continued support! It’s great to hear that you are using this safe, nutritious and delicious product we grow here in California!”

Jay is currently a member and Director of the California Canning Peach Association. He lives in Turlock, CA with his wife, Kristi and 17-month old baby boy, Jax.