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Grown on Family Farms

California cling peaches are grown and canned on family farms, which for generations have adhered to the highest agricultural and safety standards. And these growers are deeply concerned about preserving these generations-old family farms. We hope that you will join us, and family farmers across North America, to make conscientious buying decisions.


Facts About California-Grown Cling Peaches

  • Nearly all California Cling Peach farms are small, family farms
  • Most of the canned and frozen peaches sold in Canada are California Cling Peaches.
  • Lower-priced peaches are often imported from other countries
  • For only pennies more, you can choose to buy California-grown Cling Peaches.
  • All in the family – get your kids reading labels and making smart choices. It’s a great way to build healthy habits that will last a lifetime