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Food Bloggers of Canada: Make-ahead muesli and peach smoothie breakfast jars

We love breakfasts that you can prepare the night before. When that alarm clock goes off and it is still dark outside, you’ll know there is some sunshine sitting right in your refrigerator. Groggy eyes rejoice, as the Food Bloggers of Canada put together this post on make-ahead muesli and peach smoothie breakfast jars.

Add a bit of sunshine to your morning – even in the winter – with a grab-and-go breakfast jar. Ideal for busy people (all of us) who are making an effort to eat better this year, this make-ahead morning meal contains protein, fibre, a whack of vitamin C (thank you, peaches!), and healthy fats to power you through your morning and beyond. Assemble these jars for a week’s worth of take to work or school breakfasts. They’re easy enough for kids to help build, too. I grew up on shredded wheat cereal with canned peaches on top – a taste I still have fond memories of! This recipe is the healthier version of my childhood breakfasts.

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