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Dr. Oz & TIME Magazine

Dr. Oz and TIME Magazine

In his Time Magazine cover story, “The Anti-Snob Diet,” Dr. Mehmet Oz  made the nutritional case for canned foods saying that they are “everyday foods” and that we need to “reclaim them as stalwarts of a healthy diet.”

    • He reminds us that “food isn’t about cachet. It’s about nourishment, pleasure and the profound well-being that comes from the way meals draw us together.”
    • He cites the Tufts University Study that reminds us that when it comes to cost per serving, “again and again, canned foods came up the winner over their fresh counterparts.”
    • Oz says that studies “indicate that carotenes, which can reduce cancer rates and eye problems, may be more available to the body following the routine heat treatment [of canning].”

Click on the TIME image below to view the full article.

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