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Bill Hammerstrom


Bill Hammerstrom

Bill Hammerstrom understands the patience, discipline and determination that goes into creating a successful cling peach farm. Thanks to his father, Dennis, Hammerstrom’s passion to grow cling peaches began at a young age. Farming 25 acres set in the heart of Kingsburg, CA, Hammerstrom grows Cling Peaches of the Loadel and Stanislaus varieties. Like most of the Board’s grower members, Hammerstrom also grows other crops including fresh sugar plums (Tulare Giants) and alfalfa hay.

Peaches were a natural for Hammerstrom. By carrying on his father’s legacy, he knew that this would give his family some security as he would be able to continue to foster the family’s relationship with its local processor. He also knew that by keeping farming in the family, he would continue to serve as a steward of their land and guarantee the continuation of open space.

Like all family growers, Hammerstrom is extremely dedicated to agriculture and views the great tradition of American agriculture as essential to health and welfare of the US and the American consumer. “The nation was founded on strong agricultural practices,” he describes, “to not only feed our own consumers, but with the fertile regions of this country, we can basically feed the world on any given day.” Hammerstrom stresses the need to support American agriculture. “It provides stability to the US economy and ensures its consumers a secure food supply.”

Hammerstrom is not only a grower, he is also a promoter of California Cling Peaches. He and his wife are avid contributors to www.knowacaliforniafarmer.com and he is member of the Advertising and Promotions Committee of the California Cling Peach Board. “My goals for this industry are to become more involved in the marketing end of our industry,” Hammerstrom reveals. “I am not only a Cling Peach grower, but also a fresh tree fruit, grapes and citrus broker. I feel I can bring some ideas to the table to better serve the marketing potential of our industry. We are the best peach growers in the world. We [now] need to strive to be the best marketeers in the world.”